Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Work, Nominations, and What Not.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been unbelievably busy.  I'll have lots of new work to show in the upcoming weeks.  For now, I thought I'd give an update on some work from the upcoming Magic the Gathering: M14 set that was spoiled last week.  As well as some nomination news!

These two cards were spoiled last week.  These were assigned as companion cards.  The idea is that the Apostle is summoning the Demon through a ritual sacrifice.  I'm not sure what the logistics will be as far as actual game play between these cards.  These are both for the M14 and M14DoP sets due out this summer.  I've got more work that is supposed to be released soon, some for Dragon's Maze and (I think) more for M14.  Check back for updates over the next couple of months.

Shadowborn Demon

 Shadowborn Apostle

Both paintings are available for purchase, please check out My Etsy Store for these and other available Magic the Gathering work.

In other news, I've had two paintings nominated in this year Spectrum annual!  "Guardianship" was nominated in the Unpublished category and "Dragon Swarm" was nominated in the Institutional category   Guardianship is also a finalist for ARC Salon's Imaginative Realism category   Click on the links above to see the rest of the nominees and finalists.  Congrats to all!


Dragon Swarm