Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Everquest 2 Expansion Key Art

This piece was done for Sony Online's Everquest 2 game that was recently released.  This is the second piece I've done for this series of games.  It's being used as a title screen in the game.  The painting posed a few challenges.  The layout for one, it was a very wide landscape ratio they needed.  The taller I went with the measurements the even wider the surface got.  In the end I settled on a 20x48 masonite board to work on.  This was tall enough that some of the smaller details would be easier to manage and not too wide that it wouldn't fit on my easel.  I had never painted a nocturne in oils before, so finding the right range of hues and values was a fun challenge.

I will have this painting on display at IlluXCon in September.

"Scars of the Awakened" 20x48 Oil on Masonite

Here are a few detail shots:

Unfortunately the octopus didn't work for them.  This is where digital comes in handy for me.  I was able to remove it without taking it off the original.