Thursday, May 3, 2012

Painting Commission

Commissions are a tricky business for me. I don't do many of them, mainly because my work load from my "bread and butter" clients is usually full. I can't upset my regular clients by turning down work to complete a commission. They are a long term relationship that will hopefully provide an income for as long as I'm doing freelance illustration. So the opportunity to take on private commissions is slim. I just don't like to promise a collector that I'll get a painting done when it could take several months if not longer.
I was approached by a collector who was commissioning artists to produce paintings based on a specific idea he had. There were already several artists who had produced paintings for him- Donato, Matt Stewart, Julie Bell, Raoul Vitale, and others. I felt honored he would ask me to be a part of such an elite collection of artists. The only requirements the collector gave was that the painting needed to have 3-4 women, a companion dragon, and a dog. It could be any setting, any story, and any culture of people.
I went with a fantasy Mongolian-ish culture in a snow scene where they are caught out in the open by a hungry dragon. Their companion dragon fends off the much larger and more powerful dragon giving them time to escape. The original is 30x40 oil on masonite. I will have the painting on show at Spectrum Live. If you're at the show, please stop by and say hi.
Here are some detail shots: