Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I must apologize for the lack in new work.  I've been waiting for NDA's to lift so I can show some of my new pieces.  I have quite a bit to show, so please check back in the coming weeks for more work.  For now, here is a cover I did for a Pathfinder novel.

In addition, I've updated my Etsy store with all of my available prints as well as collectible cards, and originals.  Please, head on over, take a look, and buy yourself or someone you think might enjoy a print or card!  Click on the image at the top right of the blog to be directed to the store.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Magic Grand Prix Shizuoka, Japan

In less than two weeks, I'll be a guest artist at Shizouka, Japan GP.  I am very excited to be visiting Japan.  My wife and I plan to fly out a week early and see as much of the country as possible before the event.

For those of you Magic fans in Japan...Special for this event I'm doing a limited run of custom tokens of two of my cards.  Both Thoughtseize and Advent of the Wurm original oil sketch APs will be available exclusively at the event.  I will have a total of 20 available and each AP will have a unique Wurm or Forsaken Mask token painted in oil on the back.  Each will be stored in a special card display holder.  Below are two examples of the original oil sketches and the card they will be painted on.

In addition to the oil sketches, I will be doing signings, sketches, and card alters at the event.  I will also have a wide variety of prints for sale.  Please stop by and say hi if you plan to attend the event.  Those of you who register early enough will receive an event play-mat with the artwork for Thoughtseize.

For more information about the event go here - Shizuoka, Japan Magic Grand Prix