Monday, July 7, 2014

Sunblade Elf Up on Ebay!

***UPDATE - My apologies.  Ebay decided that my item was "miscategorized".  Without any kind of warning, they pulled the auction.  I'm very sorry for any inconvenience.  I'm hesitant to re-list the item due to the low turnout.  I will take some time and decide what I want to do with the painting.  I want to thank the bidders and everyone who helped get the word out about the auction.

Now that Chris Rahn's Planeswalker auction on Ebay is done killing it, I thought I'd step in and offer up the original oil painting for Sunblade Elf.  I have received several emails about the original and thought it only fair that everyone who was interested had a shot.  The original is 12x16 Oil on masonite and is on an upcoming card for the new Magic M15 set.  You can find the listing here:

Sunblade Elf Auction

"Sunblade Elf"

Friday, July 4, 2014

Second to Last M15 Artwork Revealed

This is the second to last M15 artwork that I did that's been released.  The last one is a PROMO art that hasn't been revealed yet.  I'll post that when it pops up online.

11x14 Oil on Masonite

Chesley Nominations 2014

I feel very honored to be among some of the best illustrators nominated this year for a Chesley Award.  My work "The Last Stand of Thorin Oakenshield" is being nominated in "Best Gaming-Related Illustration" category.  A big congratulations to all who were nominated this year!  Good luck to all!

Here is a link to see a gallery of the images being nominated this year: Chesley Award Nominations

"The Last Stand of Thorin Oakenshield"
30 x 40 Oil on Masonite