Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Undead Step by Step - Draugr

Here is another undead step by step process for an assignment I was given for the "How To Draw and Paint the Undead" book. The character is called a Draugr. A Daugr is an undead creature from Norse mythology. In short, they are dead vikings.

Here are some sketches for the conceptual phase of the project. I started to try and get a feel for the character through loose sketches. In this phase I will do a lot research about specific armor, clothing, and weapons. I will also look at inspirational artists and movies. This gets my mind moving in a direction I might not have taken initially.

A character turn-around. I believe this was done with a prizmacolor black pencil on regular printer paper.

...and the final painting. The assignment didn't call for any specific background, so I decided to keep it very subtle. The final was done on gessoed massonite in oil. I had a lot of fun with these undead assignments. Who wouldn't want to paint an undead viking!