Friday, November 19, 2010

On The Shelves: IlluXCon Splurge!

One of my favorite parts of going to conventions is the chance to pick up books and sketchbooks by my favorite artists. I got to pick up a bunch of books I've been wanting to get for a while and found a few that were new to me and was happy to snag. So here is a list of my spendthrift's from IlluXCon.

Donato's Lord of the Rings book...need I say more.

Visions of Middle Earth

Steve Prescott had copies of his sketchbook Aggregate. He did an awesome sketch in it for me. Thanks Steve!


Robh Ruppel's, Aspect Ratio book is so cool. It's a collection of some of his concept and sketch work.

Aspect Ratio

Justin Gerard also had a sketchbook book. I tried to give him my money, but he insisted that we traded up. I gave him a couple of prints and he gave me a copy of his Silverage sketchbook. I still think I got the better end of this deal!

The Silverage

Dave Palumbo had copies of his Quickie book at the show. It's a collection of his gallery work.

Quickie 2010

Now I already had this, before the show, but I thought I'd give Daren a plug. He was selling his book with sketches at the show. Another great book!

Art of Daren Bader

Scott Altmann had a sketchbook with a lot of his paintings, I meant to pick this up but forgot before I left. Sorry Scott, save one for me!

Scott Altmann Sketchbook

I also picked up a book by Petar Meseldzija, The Legend of Steel Bashaw. I've seen his work in Spectrum on numerous occasions and got to see a few of his pieces in person. That guy can paint! He's got a large copy of that book that I didn't get the opportunity buy.

The Legend of Steel Bashaw

Also picked up the new IlluXCon show book!

IlluXConcepts 2

I didn't actually pick this one up, I had it waiting for me when I got home. I was tempted to buy one anyway though!

Spectrum 17

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  1. It was so hard to resist any of the fantastic books and prints at the show! Great picks. :)