Sunday, July 24, 2011

Painting From The Masters - Student Work

I'd like to share some paintings from my Painting From the Masters class last term. The class is designed to give the students a chance to learn a painting technique from a master painter who's work they are inspired by. The class is designed for a beginner or advanced painter. The beginner will learn about mixing color, paint application, what materials best suit a situation, and how to see color for value. The advanced student learns the more subtle techniques- shape design, edge manipulation, and other various painting techniques. I think painting from the masters is one of the greatest ways for a student to learn about painting. In the end each student comes out with an awesome painting to hang on their wall! Here are some paintings done by my students during the course:

Cynthia Mahlberg after Morgan Weistling

Jim Woodhead after Norman Rockwell

Tom Sabourin after Joaquin Sorolla

Tom Sabourin after N.C. Wyeth

Ju Oshiro after Daniel Gerhartz


  1. Yeah, there were some pretty amazing pieces that came out of that class. There are a few more that I just never got a chance to shoot.