Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Everquest II Art

I just finished a new piece for Sony's Everquest II game.  This is for the Qeynos Rises expansion.  This was one instance were painting traditionally had it's draw back.  They requested that the painting I did be done in layers.  I told them that I paint traditionally and would not be able to accommodate this request.  Fortunately they decided to use me anyway and would have their in-house artists work their magic.  I just had to stick to some specific guidelines when doing the finished painting, ie: keeping all of the main elements  inside the frame, try not to overlap the focus', etc.

The original is 20"x40" oil on hardboard.


  1. Have you ever considered, or tried, digital painting? What is the rationale of your choice of media?

  2. I started my career working digitally. After training for so long with oils I fell in love with the traditional medium and never went back. I love the fact that I have an original painting at the end. The plus side to having an original is the option to sell it afterwards, potentially doubling(sometimes tripling) my income on a single project. =)