Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Predator #1
18x24 Oil on Masonite

Growing up the Alien and Predator comics were one of the few comic books I actively followed.  I read every series and still to this day own about 40 or so of those comics.  I even got the cover artist of the very first Predator comic to sign my copy at a Comic Con one year.  The Predator comics played a key role in inspiring me to do art for a living.  So when Dark Horse approached me to do the next covers for their Predator series, my childhood life flashed before my eyes and I couldn't believe the good fortune I had for the opportunity.  I also have to thank EM Gist for recommending me to the AD's at Dark Horse.  He knew what a big fan I was of the IP and helped to get my name in front of the right people.

The first cover is pictured above and the second below.

Predator #2
16x20 Oil on Masonite

  You can find more info on the comics at the website Bleeding Cool.

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