Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Undead Step by Step - Psychopomp

I'm off to IlluXCon tonight. I wanted to update the blog one more time before I left. Looking forward to meeting all sorts of new people, and catch up with a few friends!

Here is a third step by step of a character/illustration I did for "How to Draw and Paint the Undead". This character is commonly known as "The Boat Man" or "Charon". He comes from Greek mythology and ferries the dead to the underworld for coin. I think that most of my inspiration for the character came from the original "Clash of Titans" movie.

Just like the previous undead posts, I start with thumbnails and try to come up with a look that might work for an illustration. Thumbnails are a great way to get ideas out quick with out laboring over details.

Now we have the turn around. As a concept artist, in gaming studios, you'll most likely do quite a bit of these. The turn-around acts as a blue print for the team that will model the characters in a 3D program.

...and the finish. I really enjoyed working on this project. They were a smaller company and didn't have a large budget. This allowed me to explore some painting styles I may not have normally done.


  1. looks sick... thanks for including the step by step

  2. Hey Lucas, I met you this weekend at Illux con but never got around to showing you my work. You've got some MAD skill, it was a pleasure hangin out!