Friday, August 20, 2010

Illustration Sketches

Here are some examples of my final drawings for various illustrations. After the rough sketch is approved by the art director, I shoot my reference and then do a tighter drawing that I will later transfer to my painting surface.


  1. Ahh these are really good to see, any change (being cheeky) that we can see the thumbs too?

    And asking what is probably a stupid question Lucas, but how do you transfer your final sketches to your canvas?

  2. Thanks Scott! I'll post some thumbnails for you. As far as transfering my sketches to canvas, I use a projector. Although, I'm thinking of using the Donato transfer and just mount the drawing strait to a hard surface. The more detailed a drawing get the bigger pain it is to project it.

    Here is a link to Donato's method:

  3. Lucas, again you've gone above and beyond, you're a star, thanks!